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Ricky Watts Does a Mural in our Oakland Office

2015 treated us well at Pitch. We worked on some amazing and challenging projects and built a cohesive team we shaped by working hard to define our values. We’ve also matured on so many levels. If there were a key word to define 2015 it would be “gratitude” and we have plenty to give.

ricky_portraitAbout our values, we believe that it’s crucial that you not only find time to do work  you are personally passionate about, but to also support others whose work moves you. With this in mind, we commissioned Ricky Watts, our favorite muralist, to paint an entire wall in our studio. We gave Ricky total free rein and asked only that he do whatever he wanted on the wall. To go crazy: He did just that. The work is an amazing example of allowing artists to have their creative autonomy. Sure, sometimes we need constraints, but even with constraints, artists need to be trusted. Our most successful projects are the ones where we’ve had creative autonomy and full trust from our clients.

Ricky created this mural in 3 days entirely freehand with spray cans. One of the most rewarding aspects about this work is that we get to experience it every day we come to work. Not only an amazing piece of creative inspiration, but the satisfaction knowing that we were able to support another artist to create this. Ricky detonated a rainbow for us. Thanks Ricky.

Ricky Watts mural


Out of the Office, On the Grid

otg-blog_tribune-towerotg-blog_webpagePitch put Oakland On the Grid Monday. By grid, we literally mean “On the Grid” (OTG), an international guide of designers’ neighborhoods. It’s an ongoing project by Hyperakt, a Brooklyn-based design agency, to help people “travel the world through the eyes of creatives”. We saw OTG as a chance to represent Oakland and gain a deeper knowledge of its unique attractive offerings. Also, the position comes with the title “Ambassador”. Hard to resist, no? Being an Ambassador comes with a few responsibilities. We had to select which neighborhoods to include in Oakland’s guide. Next, we asked creative agencies to represent each neighborhood. They have the role of curating spots and writing reviews. Finally, we picked one of the neighborhoods to curate. Loyalty trumped novelty and we chose our backyard, Downtown Oakland/Old Oakland. 

otg-blog_muralWe quickly filled our list with restaurants and bars, many from recent memory. (We tend to share lunch and happy hour more often than fitness and shopping dates.) To fill out the selection, we did some research online and through another handy guidebook, This is Oakland. From there, the physical “work” began.

We ate lunch out, took photos, met owners, sipped drinks and took more photos. We browsed, roamed and conversed. We awkwardly staged plates and discovered Adam’s knack for hand modeling. We devised a pitch (imagine!) and were up-front about our cause. And now, we’re excited to share our exploration with you.


You can peruse our section, along with dozens of other cities’ on the OTG site. Check back to see other Oakland entries soon!